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Why Engage an Event Agency

With countless downloadable “how to” tutorials coupled with an expansive library of Pinterest inspiration the misguided belief that event management is an easy process has been born. With over 20 years of event experience, I can without hesitation say that when you have one chance to get it right – hire a professional! Over the years, the number of on the spot decisions that we have made are countless.

Risk management experience is one of the largest differentiators between an internal event manager and a professional, especially with keeping on top of up-to-dates. The primary consideration for any manager delivering a product launch, opening, B2B event, sales or incentive event is the exposure to risk. A badly executed event can have horrific consequences – stage collapses, power outages, overcrowding, fire exposure, litigation when RSA is not complied with….and the list goes on. It is only that LOUD has developed and trained our staff in a series of highly strategic crisis management plans and first aid that allows us to act without thought such as in the case with a recent anaphylactic situation that led to a life being saved – literally. It is only due to these same plans that allowed for another life being saved with a delegate experiencing a heart attack last year.

LOUD events recently delivered the public events for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and in doing so had to undertake over 30 “crisis drama scenario” enactments where we acted out the worst possibilities; covering medical emergencies, acts of terrorism, sudden change in weather situations, employer / subcontractor fulfilment catastrophes, fire and many more. The lessons learnt were of international standard and an incredible injection into our repertoire.

It is only experience, that identifies factors such that: if you wash a room with green light over 50% of the meals will remain uneaten, that tunnels are extremely windy and noisy and audio absorption is close to none, that wet weather insurance is worth a kick in the teeth, that the western sun is a bitch for bands facing that direction (sounds blatantly obvious), that food vans’ footprints are always larger than what they let on, that irrigation systems are often on timers (yes we learnt that during a 8,000 pax carols event), that guest numbers can always increase at a venue (some venues prevent such increases others welcome it with open arms) and I could go on.

In addition, the difference with outsourcing to an event agency is that you are hiring a full team of professionals. With LOUD you do not contact one single employee however you access: a full creative services, access to the most up to date venue and destination knowledge, a registration specialist, a transport manager, an accommodation manager, an entertainment specialist and much more. For less than the price of one full time event manager you are accessing a number of diverse and informed skills and services ensuring your delegates are over serviced and that the product you deliver is creative and fresh. That the detail delivered is enpointe and the wow is well….WOW.

No to forget, a team approach ensures we have staff that specialise in locations / areas / destinations and are paid to keep informed. We make this a priority for each of our employees.

Last, but not least, LOUD events has spent nearly two decades discovering who the best suppliers and subcontracts are. It takes years and extensive experience to build a range of trusted suppliers who operate with the same belief of over servicing. This is the WHY to engaging event agencies – their wealth of knowledge, time saving service efficiencies and to answer and protect clients from potential perilous implications. It may cost to engage an agency however this same specialist should be able to save considerable funds through fierce venue contract negotiation and access to supplier wholesale rates that will ultimately offset the management fee. When established businesses can lose a reputation in seconds through under resourced or inexperienced planning it seems like a decision that requires little thought to us…..


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