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Ways to keep your virtual event exciting – it is a non-negotiable

One of the most important aspects to planning your virtual event is ensuring your audience is engaged.  We take a glimpse at the best ways LOUD has found to keep a virtual audience present and connected.

  1. Make sure your platform or technology is up to the task.  That means you need to do your research as the market is flooded with virtual event software.  You need to make sure your event has been tested, and the platform you choose is the best to host your event on. There is nothing worse than having an audience sitting ready to go with technical hiccups.
  2. Your speaker / performer need to be good, and we mean really good. Make sure your speakers are knowledgeable, rehearsed, engaging and short sharp and succinct.  It’s a tough job to speak to an audience with no feedback, so it’s important that content and delivery is the very best it can be.
  3. Interaction is key. Say it with us, interaction is key.  We repeatedly hear from clients that they are sick of watching something on their screens that could be pre-recorded. Below we suggest the best ways to keep your event interactive.

* Live chat, Q&A and live polls during the event help to drive engagement

* Make available networking tables that people can speak together/workshop and network just like they are sitting at a table in a conference.

* Have celebrities drop in and surprise the audience with short performances/or chat.

* What about showcasing products and or touring using virtual reality. It is not something you just see in Sci Fi movies anymore.

* Have something tangible sent out to delegates pre-event for them to interact with during the event.

All the above tips will help to make your virtual event one that is a close to having the event in person.  Give us a call to chat through how we can improve engagement for your next virtual event ph:07 3868 2882.

Image courtesy of IKONIX

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