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Vivid Celebrating a Decade

As Vivid entered its 10th year, LOUD thought we had better get off our bottoms and head down to Sydney to see what the fuss was about. We know – a little slow on the uptake. Well it was downright awesome and next time the the whole team might just have to join. Read more to see our top 4 highlights from Vivid 2018.






1. Wish Happiness
It’s all about the good vibes at this playground carousel that’s been illuminated to represent a Tibetan Buddhist prayer wheels. Punters take a spin on the brightly coloured “wheel of positive energy” to send a collective wish for peace out to the universe. It will also project an image of a Buddhist mandala – a sign of enlightenment and protection – onto the carousel.





2. The Bloom
Bloom presented a perfect photo-op in the Royal Botanic Gardens. You can climb up into the centre of this giant metallic flower and get that movie-star lighting for your shoot, with 1,000 lights refracting off the mirrored spirals covering the petal structures. The flower’s lighting constantly shifts from serene blends of colour to wild patterns racing across the petals.






3. Revive the Reef
Revive the Reef was an interactive experience highlighting how individuals can help preserve our natural environment. It asks audience members to work together (you’ll have to check it out yourselves to learn the steps) to bring this underwater light show to life, complete with whale songs and real underwater reef sounds. This is a celebration of the Great Barrier Reef, but also a caution against unsustainable lifestyles.






4. Snugglepot and Cuddlepie
Battling evil Banksia Men and frolicking among the gumtrees, these pint-sized adventurers have charmed generations of Australian children. It’s been 100 years since author May Gibbs brought these two to life and this year these gumnut babies were moving on the façade of Sydney’s heritage-listed Customs House. You can watch Gibbs’ original illustrations of their outback adventures unfold each night.






In summary – it’s a must in the calendar – what an amazing attraction in Australia.

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