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Virtually the Same as Being There

With mass gatherings for 2020 squashed because of ‘it that must not be named’, many of our clients’ first instincts was to wash their hands (pun intended) of 2020 and look towards 2021. The LOUD events crew put on our shiny producer hats and got to work testing a variety of online event platforms. After many demonstrations, zoom calls and testing, we struck gold and found a solution that can be customised to meet a variety of client’s needs.

Number one on our list of ‘must haves’ was to create a space that made the user feel engaged and have the ability to catch up with colleagues and old friends. No one wants to sit and stare at a screen for hours on end! Our solution sees the ability for live Q and A that can be monitored by the events team and real time networking cafés.

Networking café’s allow guests to ‘take a virtual seat’ at a table and they can be joined by others in the event. They can move around the event freely and can direct message attendees to meet them at a location, virtually the same as if you were at an event. Features such as the whiteboard allow for a collaborative experience for more of a workshop style event. Pop up messages can be sent to the group, for example, to let them know that in two minutes the tables will be closed, and the content will begin.

Scenarios that we believe we can manage effectively with outside of the box creative thinking include:

– Product launches

– Contract signing events

– Display village activations showcasing multiple builders, products and entertainment

– Conferences

– AGM’s

– Award nights

– Workshops

– Public events with a complete program of entertainment

For a quick overview of our services click here.

Go on, pick up the phone and call the LOUD team to see how we can serve you, engage your network and refresh 2020 with a creative approach.

Danielle Gadanyi

With a formidable memory and a list for everything, Danielle is precisely who you want managing your event.

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