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There is so much exploding in Brisbane at the moment. We love how much this city can cram into its social calendar. If you are at a tinder date loss have a look at our pick of the best.

The opening of the Munich Brewhouse at Southbank for a cheeky pint or 100…

The Festival of Queer Arts & Culture at the Powerhouse – MELT

The CBD pop up cinema for Rom Coms and Nom Noms every Wednesday at Post Office Square

Patricia Piccinini’s hybrid exhibition – Curious Affection at GoMa until August

And finally the opening of Brisbane’s newest spiciest hotel, The W, with it comes a new uber cool watering hole, the Three Blue Ducks restaurant and the wet deck…..supported by their inhouse musical curator (not DJ….curator….people).

Marianne Edmonds

LOUD talent:
Killer budgets, security, fencing, moving thousands of people, moving immovable things – logistics are Marianne’s forte. Good job she can talk under wet cement.

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