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The Social Benefits of Event Apps

Technology plays a big part in the changing face of events. The first call to action for an event manager is identifying what the objective of the event is, once this is known all the pieces to the event puzzle are put in place by keeping these objective/s in mind. This month we explore using event apps as a tool in achieving both conference and event goals as well as streamlining events.

Networking is consistently one of the biggest reasons to hold an event. Through the use of an app you can integrate little touches that encourage interaction but also extend the life span of your event. For example asking questions during registration process such as ‘How do you take your coffee’ or a left of centre question like ‘if you could have lunch in the world who would it be?’. The responses can form part of the delegate profile within the app and act as a great ice breaker. Launching your app prior to the event creates conversation and a way for attendees to meet one another. The app also provides a central hub of attendees contact details.

Another benefit of an event app is being able to manage content in real time, this is great for conferencing. If you as the organiser need to advise of last minute room change or program change the app is a great too to get messages out direct to attendees. You can also upload files such as presentations and maps to social functions the options are endless and can be tailored to your event.

Inaugural events rely on feedback to ensure that event runs smoothly as well as areas that can be improved. Attendees may want to see content on specific topics or have feedback on speakers, apps are a great platform to create live polls or feedback forms to capture data in an effective way – gone are the days of inputting data from manual forms! Many of us will remember this!

Finally sponsors, many events cannot run without the support of partners. Using an app you increase sponsor presence with the push of a button and it is such an achievable deliverable to achieve. You can collect data on click throughs and impressions to impress sponsors.

The benefits are endless and we find there is always a solution to tailor an app to any event objective. It can be used as a platform to have fun while relaying important easily accessible information AND all paper free. Apps can be cost effective, time effective and an easy tool to communicate – you really cannot lose.

For more information contact the LOUD events team.

Danielle Gadanyi

With a formidable memory and a list for everything, Danielle is precisely who you want managing your event.

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