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The Inspiration that is Anh Doh

Anh Do has certainly had an eventful life. From spending time in a Malaysian refugee camp with his family as a child, to having an encounter with murderous pirates on his boat voyage to Australia and growing up with an absent father resulting in his mother’s struggle to make ends meet.

However, Anh has proven that with perseverance, more is possible. Anh managed to complete high school, went onto study a Business Law degree, is an Archibald prize holder, successful comedian, and host of a hit ABC series where he simultaneously interviews and paints famous Australians. Unsurprisingly, with an eventful life, comes many captivating stories, which Anh has managed to capture in a multi-award-winning book and show.

If you’re looking for motivation, Anh is your guy. I recently attended Anh’s show and was blown away by his ability to have the audience in fits of laughter one minute, and tears for his hardship the next. It’s incredible to see how a person who’s experienced so much tragedy is able to become so accomplished and cheerful. B.Owen Baxter says Anh story allows others to realise ‘how much they have to be grateful for’ (2019), which we can all benefit from.

If you have the opportunity to host Anh at your next event, go go GO! You will not regret it. (2019). 

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