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The Don’ts of a Christmas Party

Christmas is a great opportunity to allow your team to let down their hair a little, relax, socialise as a team, whilst celebrating the year that was. With the Festive season just around the corner, we’ve put together a few ‘don’ts’ when planning your 2018 Christmas functions:







Don’t do the same thing every year: Make sure you mix it up each year, the element of surprise will help build anticipation and excitement around the event.

Don’t segregate your employees and treat it like forced team building: Whilst an element of team building/ networking is great at any event, be sure not to go to far and segregate your employees so much that the event becomes a chore. Be sure to allow everyone to relax and wined down for the year.

Don’t hold it at the work office: Unless you are going all out with themeing/transforming the office into a party space, be sure to plan and hold your office party somewhere other than this office; plus it saves on cleaning the office after the event!

Don’t wear your uniform to the event: be sure to encourage a relaxed environment and allow your staff to be themselves and not wear their uniform, or why not consider a theme and fancy dress! This also protects the company brand should anyone take ‘relaxing’ a little too far…

Don’t make the guests sit down all night: Ensure you allow some interactivity and opportunity for everyone to move around, network and meet other people from the organisation outside of their team.


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