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Technology advances with COVID – what could future events involve?

Keeping delegates safe and reassured during the COVID pandemic has led to a number of technological solutions from virtual queuing to contactless temperature checks and social distancing wristbands.  The event industry is hard at work trying to provide solutions to in person gatherings so business can get back to normal.  While some of these advances have only been seen overseas, it’s only a matter of time before they are available and operating in the Asia Pacific market.

An event planning software company AllSeated has recently launched a new physical distancing tool for mapping out socially distancing seating floorplans.  It can be adjusted based on country, state and government regulations.  It maps out seating distances, sanitising stations and more.

There are now a few companies that are offering crowd management software.  Some keep guests safe by sending out designated arrival times, different entry locations etc while others allow guests to join virtual cues and users are able to track their place in line remotely.

One of the biggest hurdles for event planners to overcome is the enforcing social distancing at events.  There are a few offering wristbands to assist.  One solution is for the wristband to vibrate when it comes within 1.5 m of another band, giving a gentle reminder to the wearer they are too close.  Another solution is providing a traffic light bracelet (red/amber/green) that indicates an individual’s comfort level in regard to social distancing. Red signifies that a person wants any interaction in a socially distant way, whereas green would suggest that a person if open to face to face interaction etc.

After more than 18 years in business, the team at LOUD events know that our events business is always evolving and welcome any changes that help guests feel safe and reassured.

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