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Laura ‘Loz’ Condon

Account Manager

LOUD talent:

An event wizard with top pedigree, Laura honed her wizardry at Moreton and Caxton Street Catering before joining us at LOUD.

SECRET talent:

Laura can drive a bobcat and excavator, and make pretty convincing dolphin noises. At the same time if required.

TALENT spotting:

“Brisbane Festival is such an impressive event and showpiece for the city. It brings to life so many places around Brisbane – performance venues, bars and restaurants, public spaces – as well as bringing together extraordinary talent from all over the world. They do it so well, and do it better every year. Whether it’s an internationally acclaimed piece of dramatic theatre, or the family favourite Riverfire, the festival always feels diverse, exciting and inclusive. It’s hard to appeal to a truly broad audience, but the Brisbane Festival is a shining example.”

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