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Staff Files – September

September would usually be a hectic whirlwind of napkin wrapping, dietary requirement lists, technical schedules and sore feet for the LOUD team. This September has been much quieter for obviously reasons so we’re taking the time to high five ourselves for pulling off the most challenging of our events over the last few years.
Find out which five events made our “Most Challenging” shortlist…


The INAS Global Games Opening Ceremony Parade was a huge challenge for the team.  Not only did we have to receive, register and corral 1500 athletes with an intellectual disability into alphabetical order, but then to march them and announce into City Hall.  Of course a lot of these teams of athletes did not speak English and we had an intense 45 minutes to do it with no rehearsal.  Challenge accepted.  Tick that one off the event bucket list…


6 days, 11 venues, 180 happy filmmakers. The CILECT congress in 2016 for the International Association of Film and Television Schools was an epic logistical accomplishment that took us from a chartered CityCat to a sound stage at Griffith Film School to a red carpet ceremony for the Asia Pacific Screen Awards at BCEC. There were countless cups of coffee during and countless glasses of gin post event!


One marquee, one VIP experience and one amazing client for Oaks race day – the makings of an event to remember. Then our old friend mother nature chimes in with her own agenda and creates an almighty storm. Our marquee position was moved three times (no easy feat). Once positioned the silk lining of the marquee started to drop right as we were moving a gold cast iron bath into place. Thank goodness for a fantastic crew managing to work our event magic with smiles and a few shrill screams. All in time for guest arrival with many sporting gumboots instead of stilettos!


We have pulled off a plethora of problematic events in bizarre venues, with ridiculous restrictions and preposterous access limitations. However, to move 200 people between 19 super yachts in 200ml of rain on a marina was let’s say “uncomfortable” (so many other words come to mind). It was so so far from the glamour we had envisaged – the scars still bring bile to the back of our throats.


As part of Brisbane’s G20 Celebrations at Southbank we worked to bring together ‘Brisbane on Parade’ which culminated in the huge street party that was ‘Fiesta Latina’. Wrangling over 2000 elaborately dressed performers and community groups on the Goodwill Bridge, amidst the crazy security levels associated with G20 was challenging to see the least. But hey, there are not many jobs where you get to stand with a megaphone and say: ‘Go Kangaroos, Go Salsa Dancers, Go Drag Queens, Go Chicken…’. Then after hours of jam-packed crowds dancing to Latin music the event was topped off, in true Queensland style, with a storm at 10pm to prompt a very wet and windy bump out…. Argh the joys of outdoor events!!

Katie Tomkins

Give her a hotel, she’ll negotiate you a room block, and with a background in convention centres her venue and catering management expertise are invaluable.

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