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Serious Messages, Serious Fun

With COVID becoming part of our everyday, LOUD events have found some entertaining ways to incorporate safety measures light-heartedly into our events.   While the message is serious, we can see no reason for us not to laugh along the way.

Why not include some Life Coaches or Life Savers into your roving entertainment options?  Coming to you complete with measuring tapes and rulers they will make sure guests are maintaining their social distancing.  Or maybe the tailors from a bygone era are coming back in search of the perfect measurement. These three make sure everyone measures up.  They also keep a bottle or two of sanitiser at the ready, waiting for the opportunity to teach anyone who will listen their own handwashing techniques.

Temperature monitoring staff can also be fun at the entry to events. How about dressing in uniforms that say “WOW.  YOU LOOK HOT.  Let me take your temperature”.  It immediately helps relax guests attending as they work through the entry process.

Contact the team at LOUD events 07 38682882 to assist you with adding some creativity to your event.

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