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Risk Free Virtual AGM Solutions

Shareholder and annual general meetings can be time consuming, complex regulatory obligations. However, by engaging the right technology provider, who understands the constraints around government mandated lockdowns they can be less of a burden to those in charge. We are currently offering a suite of solutions that provide participants with the option of instant voting at their AGM in person or remotely through a mobile ready website.

Seamlessly integrating proxy voting data with scalable electronic or mobile voting to provide instant polling results. The system also provides webcast integration, slide sharing, speaker queuing, and even handheld microphones for in-room attendees. By utilising cutting edge technology you can deliver the best solution for your shareholders as well as stay on brand with high quality 3D graphics at a broadcast level of quality.

Managed Q&A
Questions can be submitted in text form through both the website or via SMS. These questions can be moderated and published to the chairperson, meeting attendees or both

Any size, anywhere…
We offer scalable systems provide registration, certified voting, and streamlined Q&A at meetings of any size, supporting localization. Webcasts and mobile voting allow for Hybrid or Virtual AGM, extending the meeting beyond the meeting room

Real-time weighted voting
As live votes are cast, they are counted, added to any proxy votes, and the results are available to display instantly.

Webcast and slides
In addition to instant polling, virtual attendees can also view meeting slides, audio, and live video through the website.

The technology runs on a secure high bandwidth network. For virtual and hybrid meetings, encrypted cloud-based servers are utilised, in a choice of locations across the globe.

Marianne Edmonds

LOUD talent:
Killer budgets, security, fencing, moving thousands of people, moving immovable things – logistics are Marianne’s forte. Good job she can talk under wet cement.

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