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New Teambuilding Products to Hit the Australia Market

‘What exactly is team building and how does it help my business’ is a common cry we hear from many of our corporate clients. Research has shown that team building not only increases productivity in workplaces by enhancing communication and problem-solving skills but helps clarify a person’s role and assist in goal setting. And above all let’s face it – it’s FUN!

Many of us have been involved in team building in the corporate world and have seen many different programs. LOUD events are excited to introduce two new programs the Infinite Loop and Outbreak – Escape the Virus!








The infinite loop integrates a virtual reality element as teams work together to ‘free’ a man absorbed into the VR world. Team members take turns using the VR headset to describe the virtual world while teammates in the real world decipher and communicate solutions. This is the first ever team development concept that involves high-quality virtual reality to hit the Australian market.

A favourite in the LOUD office is Outbreak which sees teams challenged with trying to discover a vaccine against a virus a team of international scientists have become infected with. Did we mention that the teams must find a cure to save the world?!? No pressure really, ha! Over the course of the game, team members come to realise that each person’s individual talent, strength and capability is important to the effectiveness of the team.


If you are thinking of adding a team building activity into your business whether that be for conferences or in general talk to the LOUD team at We have seen what works well for clients and have a few little tips to make the session memorable ensuring guests walk away with a big SMILE

Photo credit – BeChallenged

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