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Marketing of Events Needs New Consideration

In the new COVID-19 era it’s no secret we have changed the way we are producing our events either live, virtually or a hybrid of the two.  This brings with it challenges and one of those is the marketing of the events and how our traditional mindset may need to shift.  We share with you a handful of considerations for the marketing of your event.

Consider your target audience with hybrid and virtual events

As events are offered online, nationally and internationally your target audience grows.  Understand that you need to consider elements such as the language your use and the timing of social marketing posts to broaden appeal.

Keep timing short and succinct and delegates informed

There is still fear around committing to an in person event.  Use your marketing tools for communication to delegates around event safety making sure you are as transparent as possible to create trust and then attendance.

For both virtual and hybrid events, don’t base the event agenda off a standard 8-hour conference day.  It is harder to maintain attendees’ attention span if they are sitting in front of a computer screen.  Information has to be delivered as succinctly as possible as well as being as engaging as possible to stop attendees exiting too early.   Clearly outline your schedule and the commitment you expect from your audience.

Capture their attention

The virtual event space is becoming more and more crowded with competing events. People are becoming fatigued with the offerings in this format so your marketing campaign must capture your audience’s attention during the lifetime of the event.

However just as important is the quality of the marketing material so consider everything from the look, to the music and its content to stand out.

Offer something tangible for your virtual audience

This can be important pre event as well as post event.  Something specific delivered prior to the event to be used during the event OR something sent post event will keep your audience engaged well past the few hours they spent at their screen.

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