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Making the shoe fit

Which comes first? Spectacular entertainment or an unbeatable event theme? Entertainment is often one of the defining factors of a successful event and getting it right can be tricky, especially when working within a specific theme. Therefore, it is key to consider your theme and corresponding entertainment as one in the same from the outset.

Recently we were lucky enough to host an event in Las Vegas on the famous Freemont Street. The theme? ‘Don’t be a DRAG. Be a QUEEN!’ The theme was chosen with the entertainment specifically in mind from the start so the entertainment was front and centre, driving the event theme.

Multiple Elvi (yes, that is the plural for several Elvis characters) both male and female, dominated the crowd as an epic flash mob and   interactive drag queen make-up bars were a straight-up hit. Male Marilyn Monroe’s pouted their lips for pictures with guests while drag queens danced up and down the strip and LED hoverboard queens flew amongst guests. Costume was a must and all guests embraced the theme wholeheartedly becoming part of the entertainment themselves.

A great band and a DJ is a non-negotiable so instead of trying to find a themed act here, dress them up! They can also work in the event theme with tailored music choices. For this event, the band and DJ worked in all the top hits with an occasional Queen twist.

Meredith Lambert

LOUD talent:
Our resident funster-in-chief, Meredith can pull together a magical family fun day, Christmas party for thousands or at the other end of the spectrum can keep a conference for 800 running to the minute.

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