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LOUD Staff Files – October

Well the supermarkets are already playing the carols, Katie is sorting out her pudding recipe and Mezzie is packing the camping gear. Christmas is near! This month we have asked the team for their 2020 Christmas inspiration and (somewhat unsurprisingly after the last 10 months) we uncovered a desire to support local, embracing simplicity and alcohol…

Helena – The picture of ruby bottomed champagne glasses with golden rims and a sprig of rosemary brings together the traditional colours I love about Christmas as well as the perfect idea for a new Christmas lunch cocktail.  Secretly counting the days until Christmas….

Mezzie – What a year. Uncountable people without work, without support, without spirit. What about this year you include a pledge tree at your department’s Christmas gathering no matter how small. Staff could donate 20 tubes of toothpaste to women on the street, a $100 coffee card to a fellow staffer doing it tough, a new bike to the Salvation Army, a new uniform to a child on Givit, or a gift from a local retail shop for a supplier. Let’s all come together to support our work and local communities and let’s hand out a sprinkle of love. See you later 2020 and good riddance.

Katie – I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a doozy. Why not put some rules around workplace Secret Santa this year and do our bit to support local by making everyone purchase their gifts from Australian businesses. There are plenty of wonderful ideas on the Buy From The Bush page.

Renaee – Well, similar to the sentiments of Katie… 2020 has really driven home how important it is to support local small businesses. Be sure to find your local butcher, baker (candle stick maker ;)). Have a chat with them on where they get their produce, and ensure it is LOCAL. Or why not organise a hamper of fruit and veg from the local SEQ farmers. This year I’ll also be grabbing some local gin from Brisbane Distillery, and sending off 2020 with a whole lot of festive cocktails.

Danielle: Family. It is a time to stop and smell the Christmas pudding and celebrate connectedness. Enjoy the simple things and spend time with those that make you genuinely happy. Decorate your table with fresh herbs, crisp linen and the enjoy the simplicity that these bring.

Katie Tomkins

Give her a hotel, she’ll negotiate you a room block, and with a background in convention centres her venue and catering management expertise are invaluable.

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