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LOUD LOVES – Brandition

Newsletter Takeover! Article written by Kion Redmond at Brandition

It’s no secret that we love a good statement piece! We love creating the concept but bringing that idea to life is why we do what we do. One of the most important and effective statement pieces for any event we believe, is a creative entrance feature; this is virtually the first impression guests receive on arrival, and sets the tone for the duration of the event, so you want to make it stand out.

We’ve created a varying range of custom entrance features in the past; but this one was a favourite. We built a double-sided walkway, with silver mirror internally, and foliage externally. We filled the internal roof with foliage and then we hung neon lighting against the silver mirror internal walls. As guests walked through this Entrance Feature into the conference room, we wanted to evoke the feelings of amazement, delight and wonder. We also wanted to make it a wow factor so guests would take photos as they walked in. In turn, the entrance feature then has a dual role by becoming a photo worthy opportunity as well.

We love creating things that people interact with. There’s no greater feeling than putting smiles on people’s faces and having them experience something unique and special that we have created. This is what creating spaces for us is all about.

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