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Let There Be Light!

Lite Pix came to inspire the LOUD team with all their creative lighting solutions for events this week and now we’re itching to use one of these technologies. For the conferences and concerts, they have an interactive mobile experience app called Crowd Glow that can sync audiences phones in real-time to create amazing light shows, audience voting, presentation playback and more. So new, it hasn’t even been used in Australia yet! Gala dinners and show elements can be enhanced with kinetic balls to create a stunning visual of moving light orbs, creating fluid movements and patterns and even block lettering or logos for that special reveal or celebration.

And who can forget about the Glow Motion interactive LED lighting displays – the programmable wearables such as wrist bands, lanyards and even cat ears, that sees the guest become part of the show. They are programmed to create visual effects with colour changes and on a larger scale mapped, all timed to music tracks. The local team have all these new technologies in their warehouse in Brisbane (or the Gold Coast if you’re being technical) so standing by…..

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