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Keeping Staff Morale Up During a Crisis

We can all agree that it is hard to keep up staff morale when team members aren’t face-to-face. Team catch-ups via Zoom were a novelty for the first week of lockdown but eventually we all crave the incidental natter that comes with office life.

The LOUD team have put together some ideas for keeping the collective chins up during this strange time.

  1. Create a team challenge

The LOUD team participated in a pasta making challenge last month. While there were some diligent team members who participated with gusto (Marianne, Katie and Danielle) there were also some that bowed out and purchased pasta (Renaee) and some who just drank red wine (Helena). Whatever the result, we had fun.

  1. Do a team activity together

Doing a completely non-work related activity together can do wonders for staff morale. Think about an online trivia comp (with our friends at Banana Life), ordering food from the amazing Wine and Dine’m and have a team lunch “together” or a weekly zoom yoga session (that’s my cue to “turn off video” on Zoom!) If your team had regular social outings or “happy hours” make sure these continue, but virtually.

  1. Team check-ins

We have all had our team check-ins that involve talking about what we are working on, but why not have a team check-in that doesn’t involve business – catching up about news, family updates, online shopping purchases, Hollywood gossip (or whatever you would usually talk about in the office kitchen) over a cup of morning coffee or afternoon wine (or morning wine if you’re homeschooling).

  1. Planned lunch breaks

There’s no doubt that the pandemic and working from home can been very mentally draining. There’s no such thing as a work life balance when they are all mashed up together! Make sure you and your team schedule down time during the day with scheduled “do not disturb” breaks to ensure there are moments to unwind during their workday.

  1. Giving back to the community

Thankfully in Queensland, our social distancing and gathering advice is now beginning to be relaxed. With that in mind, the LOUD team spent a day this week helping plant food for the homeless with The Mini Farm Project. Finding an activity that gives back to the community can definitely bolster a sense of purpose in your team.

Katie Tomkins

Give her a hotel, she’ll negotiate you a room block, and with a background in convention centres her venue and catering management expertise are invaluable.

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