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January Style Files

Ultra violet, more like ULTRA AWESOME. We all know that 2018 is the year of purple or ‘ultra violet’, although we would like to bring to your attention all the other styles we foresee in our magic event 8-ball. Punk purple is one, and this colour can go either way, gothic, romantic or fresh and vibrant.

Green is back and it’s here to stay, but we want to see MORE oversized green floral structures and palms. Green is so versatile, velvet was around in 2017 so will certainly stay but neon is something everyone needs to get around, have fun in the dark and make your events pop like never before!

There are some really cool companies to keep your eye on this year, make sure you follow us on Instagram LoudEventsAu, where we will be sure to showcase them over the next couple of months.

Marianne Edmonds

LOUD talent:
Killer budgets, security, fencing, moving thousands of people, moving immovable things – logistics are Marianne’s forte. Good job she can talk under wet cement.

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