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It’s Easy Being Green – Conference Planning Edition

As we gear up for another busy year of conference organising, we’re taking this time to reflect on options we can use at conferences to ensure we limit our environmental impact. Here are a few options we like to encourage our clients to consider for their conferences:

• Aim to have most planning meetings either via teleconference or skype, to prevent the necessity for vehicle travel to and from meetings.
• Source satchels locally and ensure they are made from sustainable materials such as vegetable fibre fabric. Also think through the usability of the satchel, ensuring it is sturdy and practical to use for years to come.
• Similarly, use lanyards made for recycled materials with plant-based inks.
• Consider using a sturdy card of recycled plastic for the name card component of the lanyard.
• Plan to collect all lanyards at the end of the event for reuse/recycling.
• Have the conference handbook available online rather than printed.
• If you feel the conference is still in a transition stage of going paperless for items such a delegate handbooks, consider having an opt in only option for the conference handbook, this helps manage print numbers, can cut down ordering for those who do not wish to take a handbook, and are happy to use an online resource.
• Reskin banners from previous conference rather than purchasing new ones.
• Pre-organise to donate lectern signs and any excess single sided printing to a local kindergarten to use for craft
• Ensure all paper / cardboard is recycled if unable to be used again.
• In the pre-conference delegate confirmation, remind delegates on how they can contribute to making it a green conference including bringing their own water bottles and keep cups, and laptops/tablets for taking notes.

And this is just the tip of the sustainable conference planning iceberg, we are always looking for more options. Be sure to get in touch with us to help with the planning of your next event.

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