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It’s easy being green – Alternatives to plastic water bottles at events

In events we are all about convenient solutions to problems, however this convenience with plastic bottled water has led to a huge pollution issue.
Yes, they are convenient, but do you know the extent of pollution plastic water bottles create?
• Plastic bottles require up to 700 years to dissolve.
• 80% of plastic bottles never get recycled.
• The average Australian consumes 167 bottles of water per year.
• Bottling water and shipping transport is the least energy-efficient method of water supply in the history of mankind.
• Bottled water is now the second most popular beverage in Australia

So, what are some simple solutions that can be implemented at events to reduce our impact, but keep the convenience of having water readily available:
• BUBBLERS: at outdoor events a great solution can be to hire in bubblers. These can either come filled with water or can be tapped into the main water supply if available.
• HYDRATION STATIONS: similar to a bubbler, hydration stations offer a site to fill up water bottles at outdoor events. Again, these can either have a tank that is filled, or be attached to the main water supply
• GLASSES AND JUGGED WATER: For meeting and conference set cabaret style it’s super easy to have the venue provide reusable glasses and jugged water on the table
• REUSEABLE BOTTLES: A great sponsor opportunity is to supply delegates with a metal or glass water bottles on site. This also offers the opportunity for a sponsor branded fill-up station
• PLASTIC WATER BOTTLE BAN: Consider implementing a ban on plastic water bottles. Ensure you communicate this to your sponsors, delegates, and vendors prior to the event and explain the alternatives available.

And remember, a lot of small changes can make a massive difference.

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