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Interview – Danielle’s tips for ensuring a smooth registration

Why is it essential to have event registration?
Event registration is great for all phases of an event; planning, execution and post event. Pre-registration allows us to get a true indication of attendee numbers, an understanding of the demographic through custom questions and allows the collection of revenue through secure methods.

Registration is a way to create order on site and understand set up requirements of the event. It is also a pre-requisite for continuing professional development courses (CPD).

Post event it is a great tool to take a deeper look at the success of an event. As an event manager on site we are super busy creating a seamless show or experience for guests that the registration data allows us to reflect once the dust has settled. Data can be used for future marketing campaigns, analytics, meeting sponsor deliverables and ensuring guests adhere to a cancellation policy.

What is the biggest mistake clients make with event registration?
Customer service is key. If someone in the team has been managing registrations for the event, ensure that they are at the desk greeting guests. The person will have an understanding of the platform and can answer any queries all while creating a personal touch for guests.

How much time should you allow for registration?
The key points to consider here is the number of people you have to register versus the timeframe you have to register everyone. One of our return clients host an event each year for 1600 delegates with 1 hour to register everyone. LOUD places twelve staff on the registration desk, two staff members at the help desk and one staff member in the foyer providing direction. This ensures a smooth process and with historical data we are able to roster accordingly.

Any other advice for staff at the desk?
A uniform looks great even if on your way to the event you are trying to tie a neck scarf one billion times and want to take it off! Always smile and be patient. Most importantly COFFEE is your best friend.

What about signage?
A clearly branded registration and information desk simply makes the guests experience so much easier. They can clearly see where the need to go and who they need to talk to. Registration is their first experience at an event so make it a good one.

Best tips for registration desks?
Bring in fresh flowers, a fruit bowl or something that brings colour and life to the desk. Ensure staff know the answers to frequently asked questions and quadruple check your name tags during packing.

Danielle Gadanyi

With a formidable memory and a list for everything, Danielle is precisely who you want managing your event.

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