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Interaction and Audience Engagement

Event experiences and client interaction are quintessential to business conversion at an event. From guests intermingling with performers to interactive food stations that will be never forgotten; event concept creation is about integrating new ideas and innovative design to build on a basic concept to produce an unforgettable journey of “little wows”.

Live food stations are all the rage (and why wouldn’t they be?). It’s kind of like a high end version of a Sizzler buffet. We are working on events delivering yakitori stations, live sashimi carving boards, oyster and champagne matching, gin tasting bars, mulled wine entrance posts, flaming cheese stations and so much more.

Image courtesy of Salt Meats Cheese

When building an event, most people bypass the catering once they’ve decided on their favourite finger foods but we’re urging you to stop and allow the culinary experience to be as memorable as the fake eye lash bar, harpist draped in a live snake, an entertainment reveal or the fireworks placed on individual desserts. Exultation comes in the form of attention to diminutive detail and not necessarily at a large price.

Marianne Edmonds

LOUD talent:
Killer budgets, security, fencing, moving thousands of people, moving immovable things – logistics are Marianne’s forte. Good job she can talk under wet cement.

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