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How to pick the right MC for your event

You wouldn’t expect to see Donald Trump speaking at a female rights convention, so why should you expect an MC without a relevant background to fit your event?

The Master of Ceremonies, more commonly known as an MC, is an integral part of an event. If you’ve selected right, they keep the crowd entertained and engaged during pauses, transitions and the introductions. However, without your prior background research they can fall short of these elements if they fail to have relevant knowledge of your demographic. So, how do you find the right fit for you?

A great MC is all about charisma. Look for someone who can hold an engaging and strong conversation, knows how to read and interact with their crowd and is confident and dedicated enough to read over their briefing notes beforehand, not whilst on stage.

Look for passion. If your events looking to save the planet, choose someone who has an active voice within that community, if it’s for young females, turn to social media to discover who they’re interacting with most, if it’s a room of personal trainers, look to the sporting greats. A strong link between your MC’s daily target audience and your events demographic is key. This will make their ability to improvise whilst on stage 10 times easier and your event 100 times better.

In events, it’s all in the details. So, make sure not to overlook your next MC selection to ensure your event is a great success!

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