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Get Smart

LOUD events recently had the pleasure to meet with Duncan Barker from Near Field Creative. This tech-wear company produces “smart” clothing. Clothing that has embedded-chip technology built into its design, place strategically and incredibly ingeniously behind a shirts logo.
What this means is that you tap your smartphone against the logo and the phone will launch a shortcut to an app, twitter, snapchat or Spotify. You name it. The possibilities are endless. The applications for this technology and its use are endless.
The technology is washable and should sustain the lifetime of the fabric of the clothing. It is also compatible with over 80 percent of smartphones on the market and this number is continuing to grow each year.
At LOUD we love that is has been used by charities in a fantastic application. The Salvation Army are using it for cashless door to door fundraising. The Guide Dogs Australia have used the technology in the dogs jackets, which is firstly a great conversation starter as well as giving the ability again for raising much needed funds.

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