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Five Things to Consider for Wet Weather Planning

Wet weather is always a danger with outdoor events in our sub-tropical climate. Rain can be such a dampener (pun intended) on plans when your event, wholly or in-part is scheduled outdoors. The LOUD team know full well the anxiety that arises from hourly checks of the BOM website! A good plan can reduce the risk and costs associated with rescheduling or cancelling an event due to weather. We have put together 5 tips to consider when you are next faced with this issue.

  1. Safety of event patrons
    The health and safety of event patrons and workers should be the top priority when you are making a wet weather call. All electrics need to be 100% safe, use of specialist outdoor power cords and loose items secured. Management of all slippery or dangerous surfaces through the use of rubber matting and sawdust is integral to ensuring safety of a wet weather event.
  2. Put your wet weather plan together early
    Make sure when you are contracting suppliers that it is very clear what you will be up for if the event cancels or postpones.
  3. Waterproof hired items
    If you decide to proceed with your event, make certain that all the items that will be housed outdoor (furniture, audio-visual, installations etc) are waterproof. It would be devastating getting an invoice after the event for replacement of damaged hire items.
  4. Hire a marquee
    All may not be lost! If the experts are guaranteeing wet weather, you may have time to hire a marquee to reduce some of the patron discomfort.
  5. See the opportunities
    If you have made your wet weather call early enough, think about the sponsorship opportunities! Branded poncho or umbrella anyone?
    There is still a chance of success if managed properly. The LOUD team will ALWAYS prepare a wet weather plan as part of our service for any outdoor events that we manage. Get in touch today if you need help with your next event!

Katie Tomkins

Give her a hotel, she’ll negotiate you a room block, and with a background in convention centres her venue and catering management expertise are invaluable.

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