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Five Ideas to make Conference Breaks Successful

We hear a lot that content is the most important element of your conference and it is, however most delegates and attendees are now looking for more. They are increasingly demanding an experience and opportunities to connect with other conference goers. Here are five simple ways to make sure break time isn’t just a gap in the programming but a continuation of the experience.

Approach this with strategy and creativity as well the practical element. What food appeals to your delegation, placement and flow (happy delegates!),  barista coffee / make your own smoothie bar? Creative choices can also be a talking point, helping to break the ice on arrival and in networking sessions

Live musician / DJ
A live musician is a great mood booster and works wonders towards atmosphere and energy after the more formal session time.

Consider an appealing way for people to easily pick up refreshments and then relax and congregate. Combine a couple of areas – stand up cocktail style, a vibrant lounge area, incorporate activities such as ping pong tables or an outdoor fresh air section and an outdoor section.

Social media
Photobooth, Instagram booth or a media wall is an easy #minithrill for delegates. Be sure to have event hashtags and social media accounts easily visible and promoted!

An activity not only gets people moving but gets people talking. Short workshop, graffiti wall, speed networking, competition or making something for a cause or simply to take home.

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