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Event Focus – World Environment Day 2019

LOUD events recently had the absolute pleasure of bringing together an event for World Environment Day on behalf of the Brisbane City Council. The event was a call to action for Brisbane residents to register for Plastic Free July.

LOUD curated a wearable art ‘Solution not Pollution’ Avant Garde fashion show. Five local SEQ sustainable designers were engaged, and each were allocated a single use plastic item from which to create their wearable art piece. Where possible, recycled items were used.

What each of our designers created was nothing short of spectacular. We have some very talented creatives here in Brisbane!

Nadine Schmoll created a stunning coral polyp dress using plastic drinking bottles:

Jonathan Pampling created an Aquaman-esque garment from plastic cutlery:

Claudia Williams from Llani Creative designed a White Warrior dress from plastic takeaway containers:

Larissa Deak’s  fabulous Plastic Princess creation was from cling film:

And Robyn Woodrow wowed us all with her gown created from plastic drinking straws:

A customised script and pre-production were created to accentuate the wearable art pieces and help tell the story / deliver a message of the impact of single-use plastics, along with offering a solution to the problem. Did you know that by 2050, it’s estimated the weight of plastic rubbish in our oceans will outweigh all the fish? Or that 1 billion straws are used annually across the world? Scary statistics! LOUD will be participating in Plastic Free July. Will you join us?

Katie Tomkins

Give her a hotel, she’ll negotiate you a room block, and with a background in convention centres her venue and catering management expertise are invaluable.

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