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Event Focus – Step up to the Cirque Noir

This year LOUD had the pleasure of creating a ‘Cirque Noir’ for one of our most wonderful clients and their 1000 plus guests. Set at The Star, Gold Coast, the space was brought alive with various dark cirque elements, immersing guests in the circus atmosphere as soon as they arrived.

Black, sheer ceiling draping and twinkling lights created an abstract night sky for guests in the foyer area while haybales, scattered ottomans and a custom ticket booth gave the impression of the rustic area outside of the main circus tent.  Eerie entertainment such as stilt walking marionette doll duos greeted guests as they arrived.









After making their way through the foyer, guests could enter either the Main Tent or the Tent of Curiosities. Upon entering through black drapes and past the giant gold elephant of the Main Tent, guests were welcomed by giant cirque imagery hanging from the walls and tables decorated with rotating clown heads, clusters of spooky black candles, vintage cirque noir imagery in frames, lightboxes with circus quotes and black roses. Sets of juggling balls were available on tables around the room for guests to interact with throughout the night and take home. Bars included suspended hula hoops from the ceiling and vintage light bulbs at an array of heights. Wait staff wore glowing red clown noses as they served guests.







The ringmaster appeared through a kabuki drop on a central stage and announced acts throughout the night like an authentic circus ringmaster. The main stage featured LED panels with pre-production and an array of lighting while strands of red and white light bulbs hung from the ceiling.










The Tent of Curiosities was set reminiscent of vintage ‘freak show’ with full wall posters of various curious acts such as the bearded lady, strong man and Siamese twins. A moustache bar and lash station provided guests the opportunity to add to their look and a photo booth allowed guests to get a photo as either a lion tamer or a lion. Theming consisted of a live carousel placed in the middle of the room, pallet style furniture with red, yellow and black gallon barrels.










It was a testament to transforming spaces to immerse guests well and truly in an event theme.

Meredith Lambert

LOUD talent:
Our resident funster-in-chief, Meredith can pull together a magical family fun day, Christmas party for thousands or at the other end of the spectrum can keep a conference for 800 running to the minute.

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