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Event Focus – Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Wrap Up

After months of preparation, meetings, trainings and site visits, the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games are wrapped! No amount of planning could have prepared our team for the joy and community spirit we experienced at our four wonderful public viewing areas – Pacific Parade, Winders Park, Rotary Park and Nerang.

LOUD events had the honour of assisting GOLDOC by activating public viewing areas for Currumbin and Nerang at the Commonwealth Games, and encouraging locals and tourists to support the athletes competing in the Race Walk, Cycling Time Trials, Mountain Biking and Cycling Road Race. We did this by creating an enticing, dynamic, and inclusive environment with food vendors, “Have A Go” stations, kids colouring-in and face painting, DJs, and a live broadcast of the Games on a big screen. The public were made comfortable with a plethora of tables and chairs, bean bags and deck chairs for maximum relaxation throughout the balmy days.

All eyes were on the Gold Coast from the 4th to the 15th of April, so LOUD events’ priority was public safety, protocol and procedure. We were very pleased with the professional and engaged demeanour of our team and our partners, and their handling of what became an extremely populated area. Our small corner of the Gold Coast was bustling with happy families, sports enthusiasts, proud locals and excited tourists who expressed their gratitude for a free and fun area to get amongst the action.

The exuberant energy of the tens of thousands of sports fans was certainly amplified by the six Australian gold medals earned at our sites. It was a symbiotic relationship – the crowds were high-spirited and, in return, the athletes delivered. Some Race Walk athletes commented to GOLDOC that the Tuesday 10th Currumbin event was among the most enjoyable of their career. The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games were a win for Australia, and a win for LOUD.

Laura Condon

LOUD talent:
An event wizard with top pedigree, Laura honed her wizardry at Moreton and Caxton Street Catering before joining us at LOUD.

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