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Event Focus – EKKA 2018

This year the EKKA celebrated it’s 140th year anniversary, and LOUD events had the pleasure of working along side some of Queensland’s best fashion designers, hair and makeup artists and of course the new Fashion Director & Stylist, Laura Churchill. From the farm to the runway, there was a huge emphasis on Queensland-grown wool and cotton, along with fashion favourite’s leather, bamboo and silk. The parade paid homage to all things natural with the ‘Back to Nature’ theme from the stunning fabrics, interactive makers market, conversation series with some of Queensland’s best and of course the stunning stage set.

Not only was it wonderful to play with wedding dresses and exquisite fascinators but watching the parade transform over the past 9 months was an absolute pleasure and a credit to Laura Churchill and her vision.

LOUD events was brought onboard to event mange the parade, assist in designing the backdrop, work alongside Laura, RNA & MicroHire to design the parade, imagine the double cat-walk and run logistics and event management over the 16-day period. We felt quite at home working with the amazing team and look forward to seeing the parade transform from just a parade at the Ekka to a collaborative project with Australian designers, local and regional businesses and of course the RNA.

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