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Entertainer Overview – Graffiti Stations

Looking for a way to inject excitement and encourage networking within an event? Have you ever thought of integrating a graffiti station?
LOUD events have and what a great experience it was. Guests donned aprons and channelled their inner Van Gogh to create ‘unique’ pieces of art that became a great talking point during the night. Participants were encouraged to collaborate in groups using stencils in theme with the key message and styling for the night. The result – a night of laughs!

LOUD events introduced this concept as a part of the social program for a corporate 3-day conference. The conference was a mix of both international and domestic delegates and the graffiti station was a great addition as there was no language barrier or complexity – just fun.

Image courtesy of Time Bandits

What made the experience unique was that once the event had concluded our little event elves took the art pieces over to the conference venue and set up an installation. When guests arrived in the morning they were welcomed with a little snapshot of the night before. Again, a great talking piece and a reinforcement of connections made while in a social setting.

If you would like any further details or to pick our brain on interactive elements for events, contact the team on 07 3868 2882.

Danielle Gadanyi

With a formidable memory and a list for everything, Danielle is precisely who you want managing your event.

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