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End of Financial Year Party Ideas

When the end of the financial year rolls around, many businesses will be looking to organise a celebration for their staff and clients. But if party pies and cheap sparkling isn’t really your scene, we’ve got some great suggestions on how to see out the end of the business year in style.

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporate, thinking outside of the box with work events will be rewarding for everyone involved. Taking the time to curate a team-bonding event has a positive overflow into improving company culture; whilst involving your clients will bolster their experience with your brand, and strengthen your professional network.

Here are some suggestions for EOFY party concepts.

Christmas in July

In Australia, the June/ July period is deep into the winter season, which means that outdoor events are not such a great idea. So, embrace the chill, and go for a winter themed event such as Christmas in July. Adopt the winter narrative as much or as little as you like – use it as a catering theme for a stand-up cocktail event, or go the whole nine yards with an Ugly Christmas Jumper competition at your workplace.

Cooking classes

Incorporating an activity into your celebrations can break the ice with the guests and add some structure to the day. There are a plethora of options for cooking classes in which guests are able to sit and enjoy the fruits of their labour at the end of the class.

Destination long lunch

Holding an EOFY party is always made that much more impressive when you get out of your local area and out into nature. Taking your team and/or clients to a beautiful destination venue for a long lunch adds a little adventure to the occasion. Check out local wineries, waterfront restaurants, or country gastro-pubs for a beautiful trip that will be a day to remember.


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