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Registration  is the first point of contact with your event guests, and a smooth registration check-in process sets the tone for a great event. On the flip side, a disorganised and time-consuming experience can leave the crowd grumbling all the way up until your event kicks off. With so much riding on the registration table, you definitely want to get it right the first time. Follow these easy 5 items to ensure you get off to a good start.

Of course, it totally depends on the time frame available and how many delegates you have registering. If you have the option to open rego the afternoon prior to reduce the following morning’s influx of guests – DO IT! However, our general rule of thumb is 1 staff member to 100 guests plus a floater for every 200 guests. Don’t forget to make sure your satchel bags are easily accessible to ensure registration staff aren’t falling over each other.

Running around the venue hallways searching for the closest power outlet or internet connection is probably not ideal. Make sure you get these connections hooked up to your registration area in advance. Another onsite essential is a laptop, even if you don’t think you will use it. Online access is paramount these days and can come in handy if you need to look back on emails or help direct delegates to various facilities and venues if they are out-of-towners.

Event planners would know that having a supplies box onsite filled with office essentials like tape, scissors, markers, zip ties is priceless!!! ‘Amiright’? Other notable items for packing include blank name tags, table numbers, reserved signs, even sticky dots. The venue may have these however having these items easily accessible saves time and frustration.

One of the biggest disruptors to your “registration rhythm” will be the barrage of simple questions coming from both volunteers and attendees. You can prevent these enquiries from slowing down the registration line by setting up a help table. You’ll be amazed at how much more efficiently the check-in table can run when you have a dedicated person answering questions like “where is the bathroom or what time does the next session start?”

It is essential to keep at least one team member at the rego table throughout the duration of the event. You do not want a relatively minor problem to snowball into a bigger issue because no one was available to help. It only takes one poorly timed bathroom break by your team to send an impatient attendee off towards the AV desk due to a projector turning off.

Laura Condon

LOUD talent:
An event wizard with top pedigree, Laura honed her wizardry at Moreton and Caxton Street Catering before joining us at LOUD.

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