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Christmas Party? Sound the alarm bells!

If you haven’t already – SOUND ALARM BELLS – it’s really now time to start planning the office Christmas Party. We have put together a checklist of considerations to kick off the preparation with a bang.

1. Book a venue. Have some fun with it. OK sometimes it’s necessary to play it safe and book in the same old hotel ballroom, but with so many unique offerings now around our cities consider taking the group to rooftops, unusual spaces and themed locations.

2. Dress code. There is no easier way to add a festive mood than to set a theme. It could be as easy as adding some headwear, asking for all to come dressed in a colour or you could really make a statement with fancy dress. In any case, a dress code should be considered and included to ensure all guests are comfortable when they step into the Christmas Party venue that they immediately feel they have dressed appropriately for the event.

3. Food and Beverage. Just one big fat pointer here. When planning menus make sure there is enough food especially when plying guests with alcohol. We know the LOUD staff love to let their hair down at the office Christmas party… wink wink…

4. Tease. There is enough time left to still send little teasers and get your team excited for the event. Any why not, we work hard enough all year through

5. Mistletoe? Lest ye think me prudish, I say, oh why not?

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