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Businesses Doing Great Things During COVID-19

As an industry, we have seen COVID-19 systematically shut down the ‘normal’ business operations of event companies and associated businesses working within the industry.  It has seen many of us face very uncertain periods and challenges to keep our employees and businesses.  LOUD would like to highlight and congratulate a few businesses that have really diversified their skills or extended their sense of community during this time.

Wine & Dine‘m Catering launched the business-community initiative, Superfood for Superheroes, in partnership with Super Advice Australia, in which they deliver gourmet meals to essential workers in healthcare, aged care and education across South East Queensland.  Another initiative saw the company reduce the issue of food insecurity that many families are feeling as a result of self-isolation.  The home meal delivery service was developed to minimise risk to staff and the community.

Dreamweavers has been supporting local musicians and artists and through their presentation services have been helping in the live stream and webcast of concerts. It is through these services that artists can continue to produce music and keep connected to their fans and supporters.

Banana Life, a local Queensland teambuilding company, has launched a video conferencing game.  With more companies taking on a larger remote workforces the group saw an opportunity to build a virtual team building solution for future work.  They have combined a unique brand of fun within a slick video conferencing interface and hilarious host to bring your teammates into the fold. It’s a cost effective way to build connection across remote teams with great results.

LOUD is inspired by the resilient and creative ways our industry is working to support they businesses and staff during this crazy time.  Keep it up!

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