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Branded products emerging from COVID-19

It’s interesting to see the trends emerging during the evolution of the COVID 19 pandemic and the implication for events.  Even branded products offered events are being targeted at safety and convenience.  At LOUD events we hope to offer solutions for our clients that will not only tick the hygiene and convenience box, but also not undo all the hard work we have done to make our events more sustainable.

Image courtesy of Sanitation Station

For example, hand sanitiser will become an imperative part of personal hygiene at events moving forward.  Rather that single use hand sanitiser packs with logos on the wrapping, why not consider sponsored hand sanitiser stations with opportunity for brand recognition.

Travel cutlery sets are a lovely gift for speakers or delegates and likewise offer the opportunity for brand placement. Also ticking the box for health and environmental protection these sets offer personal flatware, straws and chopsticks.  Coming in their own convenient travel pack it’s a conference essential that can be used by conference delegates ongoing.

LOUD also predicts the use of self-serve registration kiosks will be more popular.  Entering your own details and printing your own name tag to minimise contact with organisers will be promoted.  LOUD of course will always provide our big smiles and knowledgeable staff to assist, wiping clean stations and ensuring guests feel welcomed and protected.

For more information on future event solutions please contact LOUD events on 07 3868 2882.

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