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Brand Your Event

Over the years the events industry has grown and adapted to new trends and advancements in technology all while trying to manage attendee expectation. The first impression is vital to the overall guest experience.A way to make your event more visually appealing is to create unique branding opportunities on site.  The branding may be a mix of sponsor and event specific logos. Here at LOUD events this is something we try to work with our clients and integrate into all events with a focus on unique activation for attendees. LOUD events have devised a short list of branding ideas for events. Be sure to contact the team if you would like any further information or to pick our brains further.


  1. Branded meeting points: Events can become a maze for attendees and trying to find a colleague a hazard! Branded meeting points are a great idea within a trade area or around a large venue. Instead of trying to pick out landmarks, asimple ‘I’m at the LOUD events meeting point’ can solve all your problems. 











  1. Arrival gift basket: A room drop can be a simple personalised touch for special guests, speakers or maybe sponsors that are either staying nearby or onsite. The basket can be filled with branded event items. LOUD recently gave all sponsors a survival kit for a four day conference filled with Berroca, mints, event program, sunglasses, gin and tonics and lavender calming spray to name a few things. This become a running joke as sponsors wore their sunglasses to the conference after the first social night!








  1. Message Board: Recently LOUD events created two custom 3m x 2m message board for a conference. The board was branded with the conference logo and colours and was a hit with delegates. Each board posed a questions with delegates writing their response. This created a sense of community within the event and prompted discussion








  1. 360 Camera Booth: Everyone loves a ‘Hollywood’ moment, yes even you. Tired of the conventional media wall photo. The 360° Bullet Time Booth uses 28 separate DSLR cameras to take a 360° shot instantaneously! The result is an incredible video that circles you while frozen in time. There are no more excuses for not getting your ‘good angle’ in a photo! Custom overlays and social sharing are also available to increase brand awareness. The booth can also be branded creating fantastic opportunities for sponsors or simply creating more brand exposure.







  1. Post cards: Another recent venture from the LOUD crew was custom post cards complete with an onsite custom post box. The idea was that delegates wrote a letter to themselves on branded postcards, placed this in the branded post card and then in 6 months these post cards would be sent by ‘insert event name mail’. Guests would then receive this post card in 6 months, be reminded of the event and reflect on the message they wrote.



Danielle Gadanyi

With a formidable memory and a list for everything, Danielle is precisely who you want managing your event.

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