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Art Interactive Wall

Ever wanted to include a fun and creative way to encourage individual expression at an event?  Give people a chance to make their mark… a piece of chalk in hand and a blank chalkboard often proves irresistible!







LOUD events designed and produced two “Aha Boards” for a large event recently on the Gold Coast. The client who is an educator for online small businesses had a jam packed few days of high energy education, networking and learning directly from international speakers on how to build a successful global online business.






This company is all about inspiring, motivating and sharing tools and practices towards a profitable business.  The Aha board was created as a place for delegates to share tips, ideas and general light bulb moments on their personal success journey.




There is a huge potential for these type of boards / interactive walls, as no one are the same, with each able to be directly designed and tailored to your event. Popular in quiet moments and during busy breaks, people gather to read, comment or be entertained by each other’s notes – a great informal way for sharing and networking, perfect for social media and of course a completely unique design element that evolves over the event.

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