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App Appreciation –

Recently LOUD worked with a large service provider on an international roadshow to roll out a new direction for the company.  It was of key importance for the new CEO and the executive leadership panel on stage to hear and discuss the questions and concerns of the company stakeholders in the room, but in a practical and orderly way.

We found a great solution in the app  The app itself is web-based off any device, so people can participate in the event, near or remotely, from the convenience of their smart phone without having to install or purchase anything.  To set up an event on the app takes less than a minute, it’s clean and fresh to look at, and simple for anyone to use.


’s purpose mainly is to give all delegates the platform to spark and engage in meaningful conversations by asking questions, voting, answering surveys and interacting with live polls, all of which displays in graphs and charts on the stage screen.  This might not sound like a big deal, but with 74% of people fearing to speak up in public, it’s often the same people repeatedly asking the questions, which results in biased line of conversion and a skewed view of data.









If you are a presenter, the Switcher works in with your presentation, seamlessly switching between your pre-produced slides to the live interaction with the crowdsourced questions and voting results.







The biggest success of the app in my opinion is the Live Question to Polling feature.  With this recent roadshow, the app’s ability to instantly take a fresh question from the audience and turn it in to a live poll, really made the audience sit up and engage, almost with the anticipation you’d find on a game show!   It was simple and quick to do; often just a tap on a scale of 1 to 10, or on a multiple-choice answer, the audience in real time could see the polls growing and which answers were fighting for the lead.  Then the results were displayed on the main screen by a chart or graph, which would prompt the next panel discussion.

We noticed that not all participants wanted to be identified, so their questions and polling were noted on the stage screen as ‘anon’.  The chair person was able to pick and choose which questions would be discussed on panel to keep the conversation on time and on track. has created over 140K successful applications and 14 million polls already.  So, it’s no wonder this app is winning awards across the events industry.







Take a look around the basic version first to see what you think; you’ll get 3 polls for up to 1000 participants.  The Pro version , you can create unlimited polls and surveys, with your event branding and advanced data exports.  Or consider the Premium version, which will display your event agenda, and engage with up to 5000 delegates across 7 days.

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