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AMI Virtual Events Course

LOUD have partnered with the Australian Marketing Institute to deliver an ultimate guide of creating virtual events. During the eight-week online course you’ll have the opportunity to look into global trends and recent case studies and learn how to create a digital event marketing strategy for your successful event. The best Australian event professionals will share practical case studies and stories of success. The course includes interactive demos of event software and augmented & virtual reality tools.

The content is aligned with the Australian Qualification Framework. By completing the course, you will receive a shareable digital badge & certificate.

Virtual & Hybrid Events: limitless possibilities is an 8 week self-paced online course.

Key Learnings:

* How to create successful digital event strategy

* Virtual event operations

* Virtual event branding and marketing

* Tools: presentation of digital event software, augmented & virtual reality

* How to sell virtual events

To register for the course, please click here. Enter the code LOUD2020 for a 10% discount. You’re welcome!

Marianne Edmonds

LOUD talent:
Killer budgets, security, fencing, moving thousands of people, moving immovable things – logistics are Marianne’s forte. Good job she can talk under wet cement.

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