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Alternatives to Conference Satchels

Alternatives to Conference Satchels

Conference satchels are a permanent fixture at many conferences and exhibitions. I have a confession; I have been a culprit in the past of dumping collateral in my hotel bin before I fly to ensure I stick to baggage limits. I asked the team to collaborate on some ideas on alternatives to the satchel in order to combat the consumable nature of this at events.

Here are our top 5 alternatives

  1. Scanning system

Create QR codes on all of your delegates nametags allowing them to walk around the exhibitor and scan their badges at booths they have an interest in. This is beneficial for both the sponsor and delegate and avoids unnecessary printed collateral.

  1. E-Donations

Why not make a difference in your host city. Recently LOUD worked with a client to research three local organisations that aligned with the client core values and product. Delegates were then given the opportunity to select one of the three options to donate to. The client, at wrap up of the event, unveiled the amounts donated leaving guests with a sense of accomplishment and a dose of the feel-good factor.

  1. Massage therapies

Why not invest the money saved on satchels to create an experience for guests such as massage stations as an energiser during the breaks.

  1. Conference App

The conference app is becoming more prevalent in the conference and event space. It takes a village to create but once all the pieces to the puzzle are built it really is the prime information hub for all guests.

  1. A virtual satchel

A great idea for international events where a lot of the delegation are travelling. Inside the virtual bag can be vouchers to an onsite coffee cart,¬† e-books from keynote speakers and discounts at surrounding restaurants and bars. This also allows for a more strategic approach to the satchel with an email sent straight to the guest’s inbox with the ability to be branded to help promote sponsors. Also, the data is trackable which is great for the marketing teams.

Something to consider for your next event!

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