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A Fantastic Feud

What can bring new life to your annual gala dinner, conference sessions, trade show or even public event with a memorable interactive entertainment for the whole crowd to enjoy? DING DING DING – it’s Gameshows Australia!
The possibilities are endless with classic game show entertainment. Create a true television experience with a completely branded stage set and captivating host. The stand-up player podiums are integrated with a buzzer lock-out, player microphones and digital scoreboards to ensure a seamless experience.

The Game Show team have thousands of general trivia questions ready to go based on everything from entertainment and sports to history and celebrities, but what makes these shows even better is the fact that they can run with your theme, include information about the company or even your co-workers, making it also a BRILLIANT team-building tool.

Company training days can benefit from an exciting way to review the information employees have learned throughout the day while the incentive of a grand prize is sure to get everyone participating.

Don’t leave your entertainment in jeopardy, contact LOUD events for an unforgettable event.

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