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Brand Your Event

The LOUD team are frequently asked by our clients how to incorporate branding into their events. This can be something simple when budget it small to elaborate full-scale assimilation of the brand into all aspects of the event. We have put some ideas down to inspire your next event:

1. Gobos – a simple gobo will only cost you a few hundred dollars but can make a great impact as a static light on entry or a moving light across a dark drape.






2. Elevator Mats – We love the floor mats that The W Hotel put in their lifts to welcome guests. These are changed 3 times a day from “Good Morning” to “Good Afternoon” and then “Good Evening”. Floor mats could be placed in your event venue with your logo on them to welcome guests and set the all-important first impression. These could also be changed for multi-day events to convey each day’s message.

3. Event Specific Logo – Consider creating an event-specific logo that is consistent with your bran d. This will make your event stand out and add to the exclusivity.

4. Giveaways That Will Be Reused – If you are spending time and money on creating event merchandise, you want it to be useful and not something that attendees put in the bin on their way out of the event. Also, make sure any giveaways you have produced are good quality. It will be undesirable for your brand if something breaks after a few uses.

5. Take a Stand With Your Brand – The 2018 Edelman Earned Brand study revealed that 64% of consumers around the world will now choose, switch, avoid or boycott a brand based on where it stands on the political or social issues they care about. Show that your brand is aligned with the beliefs of your event attendees or target market to ensure brand loyalty.







6. Coordinate a Shareable Stunt – Think more along the lines of #uberpuppies and not so much Fyre Festival!

7. Ensure Brand Consistency – There is absolutely no point with all of the above if your branding is not consistent. Ensure fonts, colours and messages conveyed are consistent.

The main advice from the LOUD team is to be creative, think outside the square and make sure you understand your market. Get in touch with us today to discuss!

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