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Style Files – Hello Summer!

Corporate lunches can incorporate lots of personality and colour that you may not be able to for an evening event. Bright and crisp linens combined with timber or acrylic allows you to include strong colours with robust contrast. This summer…

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A very vintage Christmas

In our style files this month we offer some vintage ideas for Christmas to inspire you in your own homes. It’s all in the attention to detail. Weathered timbers, hessian fabrics and twine and heirlooms from your pantry repurposed for…

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Get Smart

LOUD events recently had the pleasure to meet with Duncan Barker from Near Field Creative. This tech-wear company produces “smart” clothing. Clothing that has embedded-chip technology built into its design, place strategically and incredibly ingeniously behind a shirts logo. What…

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Entertainment For The Senses

When you connect with people in a total sensory way it stays with them. Sounds, sights and smells are all important when trying to create impact. Entertainment trends are continually evolving, however, the use of entertainment to create drama, impact…

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Venue Review – The Warehouse

A unique events destination with a story to tell - steeped in the majesty and romance of Brisbane’s yesteryear. The Warehouse is a hidden gem with a huge history. Located in the historical heart of Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, at 8…

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